Program Overview

Numerous studies on Japan have shown that growth in service sector productivity has been sluggish and, moreover, that productivity is quite low compared to the United States and Europe. Given that the service sector accounts for about 80 percent of Japan's GDP and employment, boosting service sector productivity plays a crucial role in raising economic growth and living standards. The project team has ample experience in the kind of research proposed and includes members of government-related statistics and research departments, with which the project will work in close cooperation.



(alphabetical order)
Organization Roles
Ayako Kondo University of Tokyo Co-Investigator (renkei-kenkyusha) Group III: Institutional distortions in the services labor market
Daiji Kawaguchi University of Tokyo Co-Investigator(Kenkyū-buntansha) Leader Group III (Labor & Human Capital)
Daisuke Miyakawa Hitotsubashi University Co-Investigator (renkei-kenkyusha) Group II: Financing of intangible investment
Emiko Usui Hitotsubashi University Co-Investigator (renkei-kenkyusha) Group I: Public services demand
Hideo Owan Waseda University Co-Investigator (renkei-kenkyusha) Group III: Work patterns and productivity
Hyeog Ug Kwon Nihon University Co-Investigator (renkei-kenkyusha) Group I: Productivity dynamics; creative industries
Ken Onishi Singapore Management University Research Collaborator Group III
Kentaro Nakajima Hitotsubashi University Co-Investigator (renkei-kenkyusha) Group IV: Urban business services; regional inequality
Kohei Kawaguchi Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Co-Investigator (renkei-kenkyusha) Group III: Production functions under imperfect competition
Kyoji Fukao Hitotsubashi University Principal Investigator Leader Group I (Supervision & Measurement)
Makiko Nakamuro Keio University Co-Investigator (renkei-kenkyusha) Group III: Higher education geared toward service activities
Masayuki Morikawa Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) Co-Investigator(Kenkyū-buntansha) Group IV: Industry 4.0; service home production; price regulations
Miho Takizawa Gakushuin University Co-Investigator (renkei-kenkyusha) Group II: ICT investment; intangible assets
Miki Kohara Osaka University Co-Investigator (renkei-kenkyusha) Group IV: Utility function estimation
Naohito Abe Hitotsubashi University Co-Investigator(Kenkyū-buntansha) Leader Group IV (Simultaneity of Production & Consumption)
Noriko Inakura Osaka University Research Collaborator Group IV
Osamu Saito Hitotsubashi University Co-Investigator (renkei-kenkyusha) Group I: History of service sector employment system
Satoshi Tanaka The University of Queensland Research Collaborator Group IV
Shigeru Sugihara Nihon University Co-Investigator(Kenkyū-buntansha) Group I: Medical care sector productivity
Takashi Oshio Hitotsubashi University Co-Investigator(Kenkyū-buntansha) Group I: Public services demand; education sector productivity
Tokihiko Settsu Musashi University Research Collaborator Group I
Tomohiko Inui Gakushuin University Co-Investigator(Kenkyū-buntansha) Group III: Higher education geared toward service activities
Toshiyuki Matsuura Keio University Research Collaborator Group I
Tsutomu Miyagawa Gakushuin University Co-Investigator(Kenkyū-buntansha) Leader Group II (Capital Accumulation)
Yutaka Kayaba Hitotsubashi University Research Collaborator Group III