Research Results

2019 Discussion Papers

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Kyoji Fukao
Saumik Paul

Baumol versus Engel: Accounting for 100 years (1885-1985) of Structural Transformation in Japan DP19-003.pdf

Kyoji Fukao
Tatsuji Makino
Tokihiko Settsu

Structural Change, Capital Deepening, and TFP Growth in Japan:1885-1970 DP19-002.pdf

2018 Discussion Papers

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18-010 Masayuki Morikawa Employer-Provided Training and Productivity: Evidence from a Panel of Japanese Firms DP18-010.pdf

Naohito Abe
Kyoji Fukao
Kenta Ikeuchi
D.S. Prasada Rao

Quantifying and Accounting for Quality Differences in Services in International Price Comparisons: A Bilateral Price Comparison between United States and Japan DP18-006.pdf

2017 Discussion Papers

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17-012 Masayuki Morikawa Impact of Foreign Tourists on Productivity in the Accommodation Industry: A panel data analysis DP17-012.pdf

Geert Schreurs

Mountains of the State: Precious Metal Production in Tokugawa Japan DP17-009.pdf

Masayuki Morikawa

Dispersion and Volatility of TFPQ in Service Industries DP17-008.pdf

Masayuki Morikawa

Who Are Afraid of Losing Their Jobs to Artificial Intelligence and Robots? Evidence from a survey DP17-007.pdf

Kyoji Fukao

Secular Stagnation and the Labor Market in Japan DP17-002.pdf

Kyoji Fukao
Saumik Paul

The Role of Structural transformation in Regional convergence in Japan : 1874-2008 DP17-001.pdf