"Service Sector Productivity in Japan: Determinants and Policy" is an ambitious research project at the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University that aims to drastically improve the measurement of real service sector output and productivity to develop a new approach to the study of service sector activity. The project seeks to make a substantial contribution to global research on the measurement of, and policies to raise, service sector productivity.



Fukao, Kyoji and Makino Tatsuji, "Reasons for the Long-term Stagnation of Wages in Japan," was published on Discuss Japan, No.69, Japan Foreign Policy Forum, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

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BBL Seminar "Secular Stagnation of Labor Productivity and Real Wages; Analysis using the 2021 JIP database and company data" is going to be held.



Fukao, Kyoji, ed., Service Sector productivity and the Japanese economy: empirical analysis based on the JIP database and its policy implications, was published by University of Tokyo Press. (in Japanese: 『サービス産業の生産性と日本経済:JIPデータベースによる実証分析と提言』)ISBN 978-4-13-040304-7


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