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Fukao, Kyoji and Makino Tatsuji, "Reasons for the Long-term Stagnation of Wages in Japan," was published on Discuss Japan, No.69, Japan Foreign Policy Forum, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

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BBL Seminar "Secular Stagnation of Labor Productivity and Real Wages; Analysis using the 2021 JIP database and company data" is going to be held.


Fukao, Kyoji, ed., Service Sector productivity and the Japanese economy: empirical analysis based on the JIP database and its policy implications, was published by University of Tokyo Press. (in Japanese: 『サービス産業の生産性と日本経済:JIPデータベースによる実証分析と提言』)ISBN 978-4-13-040304-7


“Human Capital and Economic Growth in Japan: 1885–2015" by Kyoji Fukao, Tatsuji Makino, and Tokihiko Settsu has been published in the Journal of Economic Surveys ( 


The article examines the sources of Japan's economic growth over the period 1985–2015 and, among other things, clarifies the role of the movement of production factors to the non-primary sector, including the service sector.  


“The Causes of Japan’s Economic Slowdown: An Analysis Based on the Japan Industrial Productivity Database” by Kyoji Fukao, YoungGak Kim, and HyeogUg Kwon has been published  in the International Productivity Monitor ( 


The study examines the causes of the sluggish investment in capital services in the non-manufacturing sector since the mid-2000s and compares the sources of economic growth of Japan, the United States, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, the study finds that the main cause of the sluggish TFP growth in the non-manufacturing sector during 2005–2015 was the sharp decline in TFP growth in the wholesale industry and in the electricity industry – the latter due to the shutdown of nuclear power plants in the wake of the Tohoku earthquake.


The Japan Industrial Productivity (JIP) Database 2021, which provides basic data for the measurement of productivity in Japan's service sector, was released.


The Sixth World KLEMS Conference, virtual format, is going to be held.


The following blog post has now been published.

Fukao, Kyoji and Saumik Paul “Baumol, Engel, and Beyond: Accounting for a century of structural transformation in Japan, 1885-1985”


Fukao, Kyoji, and Cristiano Perugini, “The Long‐Run Dynamics of the Labor Share in Japan” was published in the Review of Income and Wealth on 20 May 2020.  


Fukao, Kyoji, Japan's Economic Growth and Stagnation in Global Historical Perspective: 1868-2018 (Sekai Keizaishi kara mita Nihon no Seicho to Teitai - 1868-2018), Iwanami Shoten Publishers, March 2020, was published. 

This book was selected as #4 of the best 10 economics books, 2020 by the Japanese business magazine Diamond Weekly.


Ito, Koji, Ivan Deseatnicov, and Kyoji Fukao "Japan's Participation in Global Value chains: Splitting the IO Table into Production for Export and Domestic Sale," Economic Systems Research, 32(2), pp.173-191, August 2019, was published.


Fukao, Kyoji and Cristiano Perugini, "Institutions, Deindustrialization, and Functional Income Distribution in Japan," in Gary Fields and Saumik Paul, eds., Labor Income Share in Asia, Conceptual Issues and the Drivers, Chapter 9, pp. 231-245, Springer, August 2019, was published. 


Fukao, Kyoji, and Cristiano Perugini, "A Microeconomic Analysis of the Declining Labor Share in Japan," in Gary Fields Saumik Paul, eds., Labor Income Share in Asia, Conceptual Issues and the Drivers, Springer, August 2019, was published.


Japan Industrial Productivity Database 2018 (JIP Database 2018) was published.


Fukao, Kyoji, "Secular Stagnation and the Labor Market in Japan," in Jérémie Cohen-Setton, Thomas Helbling, Adam S. Posen and Changyong Rhee, eds., Sustaining Economic Growth in Asia, Chapter 7, Peterson Institute for International Economics, pp.139-164, November 27, 2018, was published. 


On the Regional-level Japan Industrial Productivity (R-JIP) Database 2017 was updated.  [XLSX:7.1MB]


International Symposium "Information Technology and the New Globalization: Asia's economy today and tomorrow" is going to be held.


Launch of this website.


Aug 4 - 5, 2016

International conference “The Economics of Services: Microfoundations, Measurement, and Productivity Policy” is going to be held.